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Jon Robyns - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

This is (in my opinion) how it’s done. The containment and stillness that grounds all that emotional pain until it erupts…this is beautiful acting. This song doesn’t need grand flailing gestures or contorted facial expressions or exaggerated sobbing. This awful ashen stillness that chokes on the pain is more powerful, to me, and besides which is truer to the book, in my opinion, because Marius didn’t make a big show of falling apart in the book; it was contained and private, no less hellish for that, but it’s not sobbing on the floor and cursing the heavens or anything so showy. Jon’s performance is, for me, subtle, detailed, and it just hurts.

Like I know not a lot of people agree with me but 
I think Beethoven was actually a hunk 
I’d go for him if I were a thing back in the day
did you say Beethoven because I heard Baethoven 

Played 103 times


Live Every Day - Feeling Electric (Next to Normal) 2005 Workshop

with Anthony Rapp as Dr. Madden and Annaleigh Ashford as Natalie

Just Another Day, from the 2005 workshop of Feeling Electric/Next to Normal

Gabe: So, what am I doing today?

Diana: Jazz band before school, then class, then student government after school, then football, right?

Gabe: And what position do I play?

Diana: Come on, you know I'm no good at sports. Ask your father.

Gabe: He's still ignoring me.

Dan: Hey everybody...

Diana: (to Gabe) So talk to him!

Dan: How's my favorite kid this morning?

Natalie: Dead.

Dan: ...Nice.